Thursday, January 29, 2009

pete and repeat

i have decided instead of writing big long things all the time i will just write when thoughts crop up. here is the first attempt.

the other day i decided to start listening to music when i get ready in the morning. so i put in a cd in my stereo in the bedroom and headed to the bathroom. i listened to a few worship songs as i brushed my teeth and shaved. then i jumped in the shower, excited to sing along as i sanitized myself. well, as fate would have it, the cd began to skip. over and over again i heard 'in Christ alone, my hope is found He is... in Christ alone my hope is found, He is... in Christ alone my hope is found, He is..." despite the greatness and sincerity of the words being repeated, this obviously got a bit annoying.

my thoughts led me to think of how God must feel when he listens to my prayers sometimes. there have been times in my life i have fallen into the same sins over and over again, and prayed for God to help me and to forgive me. then i would sin again, and go back to God with the same exact prayer. although i was sincere and meant everything i said, if i were listening, i would have been annoyed, just as i was at the skipping cd. and therein lies the greatness of the God we serve. although He has every right to get annoyed and could easily just block us out, He chooses to listen, and care. and beyond that, He chooses to forgive us. so when it seems your prayer life sounds like a skipping cd or broken record, do all you can to fix it, but know that God is still listening, still cares and is patient enough to listen to the repetition.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

lessons learned

here are ten things i have learned lately. some are kinda serious, some are more goofy in nature, but all are valuable to me.

1. there is no substance on the planet that holds in heat more efficiently than hamburger helper. i had to wait 15 minutes the other night until mine was cool enough to consume, and even then i found little steamy pockets as i stirred. in fact, i may work to market a line of outdoor clothing made of hamburger helper. i am convinced it would keep you toasty even in the coldest temperatures. plus, with the economy the way it is, edible clothing is a good idea. but i digress...

2. 'hey, what's shaking' is not a good way to greet someone with parkinson's disease. for the sake of everyone involved, just choose another phrase.

3. i am not a very patient person when it comes to certain things. technology malfunctions and driving are the biggest challenges.

4. confrontation and disagreement are two different things. i need not be afraid of either as long as i am honest and caring in dealing with them.

5. pop in indiana has more fizz. you may debate me if you'd like, but it is true.

6. i will never stop thinking the words 'poop' and 'duty' are funny. i know it is immature, but i cannot help but at least chuckle when i hear them.

7. there are a lot of good people in the world despite what the news tells us.

8. i am often negative, but it is mostly because of a burden i have to see things be the way they should be. for example, i will focus on the few things that may be wrong with my life or in the church or with a situation instead of acknowledging all the positive things. it is not because i want to be debbie downer, but because i want to see my life and the church and the situations i am in be good and fruitful and Godly.

9. i love mcdonalds. my cholesterol level does not.

10. i have been blessed with a good family and good friends. moving away has made me realize that and appreciate the people in my life all the more.