Tuesday, March 31, 2009

everybody will be happy over there

after i wrote that last blog on simple pleasures, i got to experience one- dairy queen ice cream cake. it was amazing. it brightened my day, especially that layer on the inside that is fudge and cookie crumbley stuff- to die for. (probably has the nutritional value of butter flavored crisco, but still tastes amazing) simply put, food brings me joy and i can only hope that God's eternal Presence does include some sort of food experience. in fact, my idea of heaven is a buffet with big tvs and sports games and comfortable couches. (i will apparently be severely obese in heaven...) i picture Heaven as all my simple pleasures wrapped up into one amazing, eternal package. but i'm not sure that will be the case.

i am human. i have always lived on earth, wearing flesh over my bones and walking around in this finite shell i call my body. because of this, it's hard for me to think about heaven. i can't conceptualize what being in God's Presence will be like. will i be scared? will i be happy? will i recognize people? will there be earthly things? will i long for things like ice cream cake, or will just being in the Presence of my Father be so overwhelming that i won't even think of anything but worshipping Him?

i wonder if Heaven will be anything that i even have the capacity to picture in my mind. mostly what i think heaven will consist of are love and peace. we go through so much turmoil and pain in this life because of our fallen nature. being separated from God because of our sin invites so many problems and complications in this life. but when we are reconciled to God through the Blood of His Son, i think all of that will disappear. so while i don't know what Heaven will look like or smell like, i know it will be so much better than even the most amazing moments here on earth.

feel free to share your thoughts on what Heaven looks like to you, and i guess one day we'll see how close we were to the truth.