Friday, January 26, 2007


I stopped by Seven-Eleven tonight to get some Dr. Pepper. There was a sign on the cash register that read "Please do not use cell phones while checking out," or something like that. The guy who rang me up was talking on his cell phone as he did so. And that, my friends, is irony.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


church signs, bumper stickers and t-shirts. what do they have in common? they are often the sanctuary in which those really cheesy sayings that make one half of you say "oh, that was clever" and the other half say "that is the dumbest thing i've ever heard" dwell. (also, a lot of people have that same reaction to my jokes.) well, i am writing because of one of those very sayings.


wow. that's groundbreaking stuff right there. and being my sarcastic, cynical self, my first inclination was to make fun of that saying. (first of all, using "U" to mean "you?!" nevermind, i won't go there.) however, on this occasion i gave some credibility to this saying, despite it obviously being cleverly crafted by the residents of cheeseville.

now, i realize that there are so many reasons people can and often do construct as to why church isn't important. here are a few i've heard...

the church is corrupt and institutionalized. i want no part of it until it becomes more like the first century church.

i can't find a church where i feel comfortable.

God doesn't need me to be in a church. i can worship Him alone in the privacy of my home.

i need to get my act together before i set foot in a church building.

i don't want to be judged again.

ok so there is a shred of truth and validity in some of those sayings, but for the most part i think they are crap. one can find any "logical" reason to do (or not do) anything he or she wants. it's the twisted web of justification we all find ourselves in at some time in our lives. i do think church is valuable, if we participate in it, not just show up and get our membership card punched as if we are part of the country club of Christendom. it is way, way more than just showing up to a building, isn't it? or shall i say it SHOULD BE way more than just showing up to a building. but i must confess that is often what it has boiled down to for me. i am a part of the church for about 5 hours a week. outside of that, i live in a bubble. i am an island. i take myself away from not only the vast world of accountability available to me through the church, but also from a whole new universe of relationships and opportunities to serve. if we would totally sell ourselves out to the church, what a difference it would make in the Kingdom. and that's what it is all about, isn't it; expanding the Kingdom through the work of the church. so, enough with the excuses. quit seeking out a perfect group of people with perfect traditions and activities- it doesn't exist. quit seeking out a church dedicated to service. instead, be the catalyst for your church beginning to serve their community. stop thinking you have to get your life all lined up and polished- the rest of us are crooked and blemished without Christ, too. just come to the table and join us in learning what it means to be the church. we need U more than U know.